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Gramophonic Vogue
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Genre: Pop

Taking cues from the era of the Gramophone - its charm, the crackles and sparkles, and of course the fun in the music it represented, paired up with a sensual lead vocalist sporting distinct cat beauty, backed by an outstanding cast of instrumentalists, the Gramophonic Vogue poises to enthrall its audience with a big TWIST. And that is, the band transforms current hits and no. 1 songs into the classy styles of 20s to 60s, in the most expected of musical arrangements and presentations. Be prepared to be surprised when experiencing this fine blend of nostalgia and modern tongue-in-cheek wit.

*Gramophonic Vogue is recommended for occasions such as:

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Tel: 3188-2466 | Email: productions@innonation.com.hk
Room 22A, Vulcan House, 21 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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