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The Blue Fusion Orchestra
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Genre: Jazz,Traditional Chinese

The Blue Fusion Orchestra is, as its name suggests, a fusion of a variety of musical instruments not normally put together - Dizi (笛子), Pipa (琵琶), Guzheng (古箏), Erhu (二胡), Chinese percussion, Western Drumset, Cello, Electric Cello and Electric Guitar. The format of the orchestra usually consists of 6 performers but the group is also flexible in configuring itself into larger or smaller groups.

The Blue Fusion Orchestra sets out to create an impactful musical performance of lasvish spectacle - Soaring Electric Guitar solos, exhilarating Pipa runs, heart wrenching Cello melodies, ear piercing Dizi thrills, melancholic Erhu themes and adrenalin filled Drums grooves. The orchestra consists not only of some of the finest musicians in Hong Kong but also a fun seeking bunch who is not afraid to be experimental with a pioneering spirit. Their performance is characterised artful without being inaccessible, serious without losing the fun and engaging without succumbing to the most crowd pleasing music.

Conceived in 2014, the Orchestra continues to enjoy popularity at public performances, corporate events and even weddings. The unique blend, or of course, fusion, of musical styles and instruments is capable of delivering music that fits any occasion, usually with a performance of a medley of songs, specially selected to drive the atmosphere of the occasion to a new level of heightened spirits.

The most notable performances of the Blue Fusion Orchestra includes:

  • 2014 Pacific Place Chinese New Years concert series 2014
  • Gas Industry Conference GASEX 2014 Hong Kong
  • 2015 IFC Chinese New Years concert series
  • 2016 Yugang International Spring Dinner
  • 2016 UBP Cocktail Reception
  • 2016 Harbourview Horizon 10th Anniversary Carnival
  • 2017 20th Anniversary of Establishment of HKSAR Celebration Carnival

And many more private events...

*The Blue Fusion Orchestra is recommended for occasions such as:

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Tel: 3188-2466 | Email: productions@innonation.com.hk
Room 22A, Vulcan House, 21 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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