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PROGRAMME (70mins)
1st half - traditional tango (golden era etc.)

LOS MAREADOS (J.C.Cobian/E. Cadicamo)
A FUEGO LENTO (Horacio Salgan)
EL CHOCLO (Angel Villoldo)
RESPONSO (Anibal Troilo)
CANARO EN PARIS (J. Caldarella/A. Scarpino)
UNO (Mariano Mores- E.S. Discepolo)

2nd half - modern tango (Nuevo tango)
VUELVO AL SUR (A. Piazzolla/P. Solanas)
FRACANAPA (A. Piazzolla)
LA EVASION (A. Piazzolla)
TARDE DE JULIO (Walter Rios)
PRELUDIO PARA EL ANO 3001 (A. Piazzolla/H.Ferrer)
ADIOS NONINO (A. Piazzolla)
and more....

About Innonation

Innonation encompasses all the greatness in music from the 18th century to the present day - the grandeur of classical music, splendour of jazz, fun of the 60/70s, pop of the 80/90s and all the cool of this century.

We poise to raise the standards in Live Music performances across as many genres as we can. From the staples - string quartets, piano trios, jazz bands, pop acts - consisting of vibrant and talented musicians, to the exotic and zesty formations - crossovers of genres such as classical, jazz, traditional Chinese, electronic music - Innonation has garnered critical acclaim for unparalleled creativity and originality. Fused with utmost professionalism and reliability, Innonation has grown into Hong Kong's premiere live music provider for the most prestigious events and venues.

Innonation's success is attributed to the commitment to widen the scope and possibilities in Live Music, and the relentless pursuit for better serving clients who take music as seriously as Innonation does.


Tel: 3188-2466 | Email: productions@innonation.com.hk
Room 22A, Vulcan House, 21 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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